Roc n' Rope (?-??-84)


This is a late beta for Roc n' Rope that was found on some Coleco development disks.  The game is very similar to the final version but the stage layouts are a bit different.  Why these were changed is unknown, but it may have been to make the levels more like the arcade game (or possibly to adjust the difficulty).  There are also some minor issues in this prototype such as missing music and display kernel jumps.


The little tune that plays when you start a game is missing
The display kernel has some issues causing the screen to jump at times.  While this can happen in the final version as well, it seems to happen more often in the prototype.
The second level color scheme is different.  It has the same green/yellow as the first level rather than brown and tan.
The second level layout is different
The third level layout is different
After completing the first three levels the stage counter goes back to 'Stage 1' instead of saying 'Stage 4'


Prototype Level 2

Final Level 2

Prototype Level 3

Final Level 3



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