Baseball ?-??-82


This is an early tech demo for what would eventually become RealSports baseball.  The demo shows several well detailed players, while the batter and pitcher go through their throwing/pitching motions.  Unfortunately there is no way to interact with this demo.


The diamond has dashes between home and first and third and home
The pitchers mound is actually a mound rather than a dash
The players are better defined and are colored blue and white instead of yellow, pink, and light blue
There are blocks in the corners of the field.  While these blocks remain in the next prototype, there are fewer of them.
There is no sound
There are no score or inning displays at the top of the screen
There is no play display at the bottom of the screen
The catcher looks like the rest of the players (crouching slightly) rather than being a single color
The top center player glitches slightly
The pitcher continually winds up and throws but no ball is actually thrown
The batter continually swings


This actually looks better than the final version


The batter and pitcher have some nice motions


Notice the top center player glitching?


Here's a picture of the final version for comparison.


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