Baseball ?-??-82


This is an early work in progress version of RS Baseball.  Although the game is playable, there are alot of bugs and final touches that need to be addressed.

There's no copyright or title screen
No sounds
There are three blocks at the corners of the field
No game variations
The reset switch has no function
The text is a duller shade of tan
The scores are red and blue
The game starts automatically
The batter is purple
The screen jumps slightly when the ball goes past the catcher
The catcher can move around the whole field
The pitch will not count as a strike unless the catcher lets it go past him, otherwise it doesn't register.
A small "hit mark" appears at the end of the bat when the batter swings
The pitcher can tag players standing on the bases and those coming up to bat
If the pitcher tags the player coming up to bat no new players will appear
There's no computer player, the game is always set to two players
The ball will sometimes wrap around the screen


Batter Up!!




Our catcher decides to take a little stroll...


Here's a picture of the final version for comparison.


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