Realsports Tennis

Realsports Tennis
Company: Atari
Model #:
GCC (General Computer Corp.)
Year: 1983


We've come a long way since two paddles and a ball were laughably called Tennis in order to skirt some copyright issues (no it's not Pong, it's Tennis!).  Now not only do we have real players and an actual net, but a pseudo three-dimensional court as well!  Now all we need are those cute little grunting noises the players on TV make and we'd be all set.


Although it came out almost two years later than Activision's Tennis cartridge, RealSports Tennis looks strangely similar.  The players, the court dimensions, and even the gameplay are almost identical.  About the only improvement Atari seemed to make were a slight update to the graphics and the addition of a scoreboard.  Well that's worth $39.95 to me, sign me up!

Realsports Tennis

Activision Tennis



There's not much more to say, if you don't know how tennis played by now go stand in the corner and hang your head in shame.  Although the graphics may have changed, tennis still boils down to two paddles and a ball.  Maybe we haven't advanced as much as we thought?  RealSports Pong anyone?


Version Cart Text Description
2/14/83   Final Version


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