Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube
Company: Atari
Model #:
Doug Macrae & Josh Littlefield (GCC)
Year: 1984
Almost the same game as Atari Video Cube


Rubik's Cube was nothing more than a re-release of an earlier Atari title "Atari Video Cube".  For some reason Atari felt the need to rename AVC as Rubik's Cube in an attempt to cash in on the popular craze that was sweeping the nation (I think I still have one somewhere).  In an attempt to further confuse people, Atari went and assigned a new part number to Rubik's Cube.  Name changes were nothing new for Atari, Basic Math had become Fun With Numbers, and Hunt n Score changed to A Game of Concentration, but in these two cases the games had retained the same part numbers.  Why change it on Rubik's Cube?


For many years it was assumed that Atari Video Cube and Rubik's Cube were the same game, just with a different name.  Recently it was discovered that Rubik's Cube as some minor differences: The background color is black instead of blue, and the cube colors are slightly different, purple has been replaced with yellow and blue is a bit darker.  This may be why it was assigned a new part number.


A digitized Rubik's Cube was an innovative idea, unfortunately it's just as boring as it's real world counterpart.  There are some things that just don't belong on a computer and this is one of them.


Version Cart Text Description
?????? None 8K version


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