Shootin' Gallery ?-??-82


This is a prototype for the unreleased PAL version of Shootin' Gallery.  The game is complete and plays the same as the released NTSC version, but certain aspects have been adjusted to make it playable on PAL systems.  The biggest change is to the size of the gameplay area which has been compressed and the upper and lower striped areas have been lengthened.  The graphics have been adjusted to account for this (the gun is smaller, the clock is shorter, the Imagic logo and copyright have been redrawn, etc.), but it makes the whole game feel somewhat cramped.  The music also plays at a much slower pace.

It is currently unknown what the PFAIR on the EPROM label means.



Notice how the playfield is smaller?


Here's the NTSC version for comparison


Colors are different as well


Clock is smaller too



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