Sinistar 1/23/84


This is a mid level WIP version of Sinistar.  While this version features some bug fixes (such as the ship direction problem) to the earlier version, it is still rather unpolished and Sinistar STILL can't be destroyed yet making the game frustrating to play.  Oddly in this version there do not appear to be any warrior ships.  They might have been removed to make testing easier.


Prototype Differences
The title screen doesn't appear when you start the game.

The game starts immediately upon power up

There are no stars in the background.
The planetoids don't change color when hit.
There are no Warrior ships
The sound effects have been improved, but are still very different.
Sinistar cannot be destroyed


I've got a Worker on my tail!


Tiny Planetoids!


I know Sinistar is around here somewhere...


The right move bug has been fixed.



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