Sinistar 1/4/84


This is an early work in progress version of Sinistar.  Although the game is fully playable, it still needs alot of polishing and some finishing touches.  It does not appear that Sinistar can be destroyed in this version.


Prototype Differences
The title screen doesn't appear when you start the game.

The game starts immediately upon power up

No flicker has been implemented so objects disappear and reappear.  This is most noticeable when several objects are right next to each other.
The difficulty level is much higher.  Several Warrior ships will swarm you ship from the start.
Your ship does not point to the right.  When pressing right your ship will point left even though you will actually move to the right.
There are no stars in the background.
The planetoids only come in one size, the smaller ones are missing.
The planetoids don't change color when hit.
There are few sound effects and they very different.
Sinistar cannot be destroyed


Beware!  I Live!




Notice how I'm moving and shooting to the right but my ship still faces left.


Leave me alone!



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