Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (?-??-82)


This is an mid-level WIP version Smurf: RIGC.  The gameplay is all here at this point, but the levels themselves (save for Gargamel's castle) had not been designed yet and consist of odd placeholders.  These placeholder levels are extremely difficult and require precise jumping to clear.  None of these levels resemble anything in the final version with the exception of Garamel's Castle which appears to be exactly the same.  Obviously the final level was first one to be worked on.  Oddly enough the Smurf Village is nowhere to be seen in this prototype even though it would make a logical starting place.



When selecting the different skill levels the hawk will appear and even speed up when selecting the higher skills.  Since the game hasn't actually started the Smurf can't be hurt and once he reaches the side of the screen he will vanish.
When the Smurf dies the next life will not start until the button is pressed
There are only three levels in this version and two are very different
The village, river, mountain, and cave levels are all missing
The only enemy present are the hawk and the bat.  The hawk appears on all levels except for the castle
On all skill levels other than one, the first and second screen will repeat twice, each with a different background (indicating a setting sun).  After this the final level will be Gargamel's castle which appears to be the same as the final.
The tune when rescuing Smurfette is completely different
The fence appears at the end of the first and second levels, but is different looking than the fence in the final version
An evil looking mushroom appears at the end of the third and fourth levels and resembles nothing in the final game
The bonus life sound is different


Looking a little different...

This jumps are harder than they should be

The sunset coloring idea is nice

Evil mushroom!

What the heck is this supposed to be?

At least the final level is the same



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