Snoopy 5-27-83


This is an interesting prototype because it has so many differences from the final release, this is a true work in progress.  In this version Nick was probably testing the counters since the score constantly increases and all the other counters roll over.  The difficulty switch changes between the status screen and the game screen which was probably done to test the bankswitching.

There are some slight graphic differences, and a total lack of sound in this version but that's because sound and music was generally one of the last things to be added.  The game itself is fully playable, but its not alot of fun since your invincible due to the damage counter rolling over (instant repair).


Prototype Differences
There is no music or sound

Graphics as slightly different. The cloud has a different shape and the hills are tan (instead of green). The result is that the landscape looks like a desert.

The difficulty switch switches between the action screen and the bonus screen (bankswitching).
The Color/B&W switch switches between the Atari copyright and the lives counter being shown on the bottom (B&W = Copyright  Color = Lives Counter).
The Score Counter constantly increases. After reaching 999999 it rolls over to 000000.
Each time you hit a plane it counts as a "kill" instead of having to actually shoot it down.
The plane damage counter rolls over. The result is when you take fatal damage your plane repairs itself.
There are no bonus items on the action screen.
The enemy plane appears to come from off the side of the screen instead of out of the background.
The bonus screen randomly adds up bonus items.  When the screen fills up, it starts over again.
The bonus items are different: Dog Food, Pizza, Bag of food?, Ice Cream, Cookies, Pie?, Watermelon, Apple, Cherry.



The landscape is a desert


The Color/B&W switch adds the copyright


The bonus items are different


You can add the copyright here too!


Look at how all the counters have rolled over





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