Solar Fox ?-??-83


This is a rather interesting version of Solar Fox.  It appears to use a different display kernel which flickers quite badly.  Other than the flicker, it appears that most of the graphics are different including the enemy fireballs.  But the most intriguing thing about this prototype is that is features the stationary enemies (appearing as fireballs in this version) that were scattered around the levels in the arcade.  It's unknown why these were removed, but as you cannot shoot in this version they're hard to avoid especially at the higher levels.  They may have been removed when the engine was optimized or due to difficulty concerns.

Prototype Differences
There is no title screen
The game is always set to two players
There are no life counters
There is no rack counter
There is no Skip a Rack feature
There are no challenge racks
The game display kernel is completely different and appears to be unoptimized.  Everything flickers quite badly
The player's ship is green instead of yellow or blue
The Sentinels are yellow and shaped differently
The energy cells are gray (or green depending on the level) and aren't made of two different colors.
The fireballs are completely different looking.  They're made of two different overlaid sprites and look like an orange blob with yellow 'electricity' over it.
There is a new type of enemy that looks like a stationary fireball.  These were in the arcade game (looking like little whirlpools) but were removed from the final.
The first player uses the bottom score while the second player uses the top score.  This is the opposite of how it is in the final.
The sounds are different.  The start of rack music and death sounds are completely missing.
Holding down the reset switch allows you to cycle through all the levels
There is no demo
The controls aren't quite as tight as the final version, causing the player to overshoot the rows constantly
Occasionally an energy cell won't register as being touched


Due to the flicker it's hard to get a screenshot, but this is what the game should look like


It may look different, but the core gameplay is all there


The colors are a bit drab though


All the levels are here (minus the Challenge Racks)



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