Str. R.


This prototype a mid-level WIP.  While many of the game elements are present, it's missing the galactic map and hyperspace (well without the map there's no place to warp anyway).  This version also doen't work with the Video Touch Pad, so you must use the two difficulty switches instead (left switch = Combat Computer, right switch = Shields).

This version is nothing more than a shooter.  Theres no map, no star base, no hyperdrive, all you do select the number of targets and start shooting.  Everything else seems to there though, you have shields, a combat computer, a radar, and you even get a rank at the end.


Prototype Differences
The copyright is 1981

Doesn't use the Video Touch Pad

The Star Base, Galactic Map, and Hyperdrive are missing
The game only consists of one screen



Copyright 1981


The gameplay is basically the same



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