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This prototype is either a early WIP version or Atari's attempt to bring a stripped down version of Star Raiders to the 2600.  At this point in development it is unknown if Atari had planned to use the Video Touch Pad,or was simply going to go with a more simplified version that didn't include the galactic map. 

While many of the game elements are present, it's missing the galactic map, Star Base, and hyperspace (well without the map there's no place to warp anyway).  This version also doesn't work with the Video Touch Pad, so you must use the two difficulty switches instead (left switch = Combat Computer, right switch = Shields).  At this point the game is nothing more than a shooter, all you do is select the number of targets you want (from 10 to 40) and then try and get them all without losing all your energy.  You then get a rank at the end based on your performance just like you do in the released version.

Prototype Differences
The copyright is 1981

The game doesn't use the Video Touch Pad instead it uses the left and right difficulty switches

The left difficulty switch turns the Combat Computer on and off
The right difficulty switch turns the shields on and off
The Star Base, Galactic Map, and Hyperdrive are missing
The game only consists of one screen
The damage system hasn't been implemented yet (since there would be no way to repair it without the Star Base).  Instead the game cycles through the various statuses (P, E, S, and C).



Copyright 1981


The gameplay is basically the same


All your favorite enemies are here





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