Star Wars: The Arcade Game ?/??/84

This is a late stage WIP of Star Wars: TAG.  The bulk of the game is there, but missing some final finishing touches.  There are also a few debug features still enabled in this prototype such as being invincible, and being able to freeze the objects on screen with the Color switch.



Prototype Differences
The game starts automatically
There fireballs do not make a sound when launched
Tune after destroying the Death Star is different and very short
You do not zoom in on the Death Star after the Tie Fighter wave
If your shields go past zero you do not die, they just stay at zero
The screen flashes grey instead of red when you get hit by a fire ball
When playing the game on hard (left difficulty switch on A), Darth Vader's Tie Fighter doesn't appear until the second wave.
The Color/B&W switch freezes everything on screen.  Fireballs will still move and damage you however.
The towers do not get larger as they get closer to your ship
Once you hit a tower most of the other towers will also appear destroyed
There is no flashing when Death Star is destroyed
The crosshairs flicker a bit.


There's Vader's ship!


These towers never scale


Flicker makes only half of the screen appear

Blast those Tie Fighters!


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