Company: Activision
Model #:
Allan Miller
Year: 1981


Remember when our ancestors used to go outside and actually play sports?  How far we've come since then!  Why go and get all sweaty playing tennis when you can just plug in Activision's Tennis cartridge and get the same thrill without all that hard work?  Gee I don't know why I'm out of shape, I play 3 hours of Tennis everyday!


Tennis was one of Activision's first game titles, and although the graphics are fairly simplistic the gameplay is very well done.  Tennis isn't nearly as mindless as it looks, each player must carefully place their shots on their racket to get the most effective angle.  Programmer Allan Miller was an avid tennis player so he tried to make the game as realistic as possible, and it shows.  It was close attention to details like that made Activision stand out amongst a sea of mediocre companies.

Activision Tennis

RS Tennis



Atari released their own version of tennis (RealSports Tennis) two years after Activision.  Amazingly the games are almost identical with only minor enhancements to the graphics (very minor).  It's interesting to see how far ahead of most companies Activision was when it came to programming.  Activision's Tennis was and will always remain one of the most popular sports games on the 2600.


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