Company: Tigervision
Model #:
Warren Schwader
Year: 1982
Port of the Sierra On-Line computer game


Threshold is a fun little shooter from Sierra On-Line which falls into the briefly popular category of Astro Blaster clones.  Astro Blaster was a hit Sega arcade game which was widely cloned on home computers at the time due to it's simple but fun gameplay.  One of the best known clones was Activision's Megamania, but Threshold was clone of choice on home computers due to Sierra's reputation for quality games.  Although Sierra produced cartridges under their own label for other systems, they chose to partner with Tigervision on the Atari 2600.  Jawbreaker and Marauder were also released as part of this partnership.


As mentioned above, the concept behind Threshold is simple.  The player controls a ship at the bottom of the screen which must shoot wave after wave of enemies before the fuel gauge (called the bonus timer in the 2600 version) runs out.  It's interesting to note that the 2600 version is missing the heat gauge which would increase each time the player shot.  Once this gauge was maxed out the player could not shoot until it cooled down.  This kept the player from continually doing rapid fire and added another bit of challenge to the game.  It's unknown why this was removed from the 2600 version, but it makes the game a lot easier.



Each of the eleven waves of enemies in threshold has a unique shape and behavior.  Some enemies like to dive bomb you from the top of the screen, while others move sideways across the screen and only shoot at you.  Some enemies stay in a tight formation while others appear seemingly at random.  One of the things that keeps players coming back for more is hoping to get to the next level and see a new enemy.


At it's core Threshold is a simple but fun little shooter, witch decent graphics and quick fluid gameplay.  Threshold ranks among one of the better Tigervision titles, which isn't surprising given its pedigree.  One of Threshold's more devious quirks is that the default game variation is actually the most difficult.  Most titles put the middle or easy level difficulty first, but Threshold does just the opposite.  So if you've ever wondered why the game was so tough, try selecting variation 2 or 3 instead.


Version Cart Text Description
Late Beta


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