Tunnel Runner ?-??-83


This is an interesting late stage beta for Tunnel Runner.  While the game seems to be complete, itís missing a few minor finishing touches and balance tweaks.  Interestingly it appears that the manual was written based off this prototype rather than the finished game.  Later copies of the game included an addendum detailing the minor changes that had been made since the manual was written.


Prototype Differences
No music on the title screen
The predetermined mazes (Game 1) are different
The wall colors are different on each level than they are in the released version
The map doesnít show the location of the key
Sometimes the map doesnít show the location of the Zots
There are only three Zots (the blue Zot is missing)
You gain an extra life for every 1,000 points instead of at 5,000 and 10,000.
You donít have to have seen the Up Door while in possession of the key to go through the Double Up door
The time bar does not change color as time runs out
The escape bonus appears to be just based on your remaining time and not multiplied by the current maze number


Level 1 is quite different


Orange walls on level 3?


Yellow walls on level 5





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