Unknown Activsion Proto 10-22-82



This an earlier prototype of this unknown Activision game.  This version is very incomplete and does not contain any sound.  The gameplay appears to be exactly the same as the later version except for a nasty bug which will freeze the game.  

Although the EPROM has a label, we still have no idea what the proper name for this game is.  SCR is most likely short for SCREEN, but what could MNN mean?  Another possibility is that SCRMNN stood for Screen Manipulation which would fit the game theme.


Prototype Differences
There are no squares visible at start up.

There is no sound.

There are only two game options and they appear to be the same.
If the cursor is at the edge of the screen, moving one more square (towards the edge) will cause the game to freeze.


Where did all the pretty colors go?


There they are!



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