Venture ?-??-82


This is an early one screen demo of Venture.  While the general dungeon layout is the same, Winky can only enter one of the rooms (the Goblin Room) but can't shoot.  There also is no collision detection so the treasure cannot be collected.  It's interesting to note that the monsters in this version are animated just like they are in the arcade game and on other systems.  It's unknown why this was taken out, but it was probably for space reasons.  The graphics in this version also flicker pretty badly which may also be a reason that the animation was removed.


The dungeon layout is slightly different. 
 * The bottom door on the Goblin Room is wider
 * The Wall Room is wider instead of being a perfect square
 * The barrier between the Wall Room and the Serpent Room is thinner
 * The lower part of the Serpent Room is longer
 * The shape of the Skeleton Room is smaller due to the Serpent Room reaching down lower
 * The barrier between the Skeleton Room and the Goblin Room is shorter
The Hallmonsters look different
The Hallmonsters are animated
There are only four Hallmosters instead of six
In the hallway screen Winky is two pixels tall instead of one
There's a short pause before the Hallmonsters appear.  In the final version they are always present
The only room Winky can enter is the Goblin Room
The player can enter the Skeleton Room through the left entrance but the game doesn't switch to the dungeon room
There are only two Goblins in the Goblin Room
The Goblins are animated
The Goblins have longer legs and shorter bodies
The Goblins are green instead of blue
The Goblin Room is larger and the lower part extends all the way to the right side of the screen
The Goblins can exit out the holes in the sides of the room and move around outside the walls
Winky cannot shoot
Winky looks different
Winky is smaller
There is no collision detection
The Hallmonster does not appear in the dungeon room
There is no sound
There is no score of lives display
The graphics flicker much more than they do in the final


The maze is similar to the final but has differences

Only two Goblins but they're animated!

I should not be able to do this...

Here's the final version for comparison



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