Atari Video Cube

Atari Video Cube
Company: Atari
Model #:
Doug Macrae & Josh Littlefield (GCC)
Year: 1982
Originally called Atari Cube


Ever wonder what would happen if they digitized a Rubik's Cube?  Well apparently Atari did, and the result was Atari Video Cube.  Atari Video Cube was initially only available through the Atari Fan Club, but was later sold in KB Toy Stores when Atari liquidated their game stock.


You control an elf who must solve the cube in as few moves or as short a time as possible.  As you wander around the cube, you can press the fire button to exchange colors with the square you are standing on.  You must use this color changing ability to change all the squares on each side of the cube to a single color.  However your elf may not step on a square that is the same color as he is, if you attempt to do this you'll be razzed by the 2600.


Atari Video Cube was later re-released as Rubik's Cube in an attempt to cash in on the then popular craze.  The two games are almost exactly identical except for a minor change to the colors.  To further confuse people Atari gave Rubik's Cube a new part number. Maybe they were trying to get people to buy the same game twice?  AVC was an interesting game that helped fill in the "puzzle" void in Atari's line up.  One has to wonder what other games Atari had up their sleeve.  Atari Video Slinky?  Atari Video Magic 8-Ball?  We'll never know...


Version Cart Text Description
C012070 V. Cube C012070 Final version


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