Wizard of Wor ?-??-82

This is a very late beta for Wizard of Wor.  The only real differences are that the number of scanlines is lower than in the final version (260 vs 263) and that you can start the game with the fire button.  It's unknown why these changes were made but the difference in the scanline count may have been to bring it closer to the standard of 262 or because a routine needed more computation time.  As for why the start with fire button option was removed, it maybe been removed to free up some space as the final version of the rom is almost completely full and has some extra code (most likely for bug fixes) in it. 


Thorwor!  It actually looks kind of cute.


The Garwor looks like the Burwor in this version


Warluk is supposed to be an insect of some sort


The Wizard of Oz Wor!



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