AE ?-??-84


This is the version that is available on the 5200 multi-cart.  At one point it was assumed that this version was the final, but a later version of AE was recently discovered.  This version is missing some of the minor finishing touches of the later one, but is fully playable and can't be more than a few days earlier.

Note that the colors in the screenshots are slightly off due to problems in the emulation.


Prototype Differences
There is a standard 5200 splash screen on start-up.  
There is no rainbow Atari "Fuji" symbol on the title screen.  Just a large empty spot where it should be.
The levels have different colors in several places.
The difficulty level seems to be slightly easier than the later version.


Notice there's no name on the splash screen


Where's my Fuji!


Blue mountains and purple lakes?  


Who picked these colors?


That's supposed to be a planet in the background


Gotta love that AE logo!



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