Berzerk 6-01-83


This version of Berzerk is has some small differences from the final, but the main gameplay is exactly the same.  Interestingly this version is missing the voice, which makes it rather boring.


Prototype Differences
There are 13 difficulty levels instead of 11.

There is no voice.  Therefore keys 7 and 9 (turn voice on/off) do nothing.

The death sound for the player is slightly different
There is no pause after dying or leaving the screen for the voice since it is not present in this version.
Evil Otto moves slower and bounces less.
There is no Atari copyright on the title screen.
There is no screen saver


Notice how the Atari copyright is missing.


Also notice how there are 13 levels.


Red robots.  Medium difficulty...


When you see these guys you know you're in trouble!



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