Dig Dug 4-7-83

This is an interesting mid-level WIP for Dig Dug.  The game is mostly there with some minor graphical differences, but the gameplay itself is still being worked on.  There is no collision detection between Dig Dug and the monsters nor can Dig Dug use his pump.  There are rocks but they only have collision detection with Dig Dug himself, not the monsters (this is the only way you can die in this prototype).  If you manage to kill yourself with a rock you will be treated to a placeholder 'Player One Ready' screen written in a strange looking font which doesn't appear in the final version.  There is also no sound or music in the prototype, nor can the player select any options.  The game simply starts on level 16 (cauliflower).

Prototype Differences
There is no title screen or options.  The game starts on level 16 (cauliflower)
There is no two player mode
There is no level select
There is no sound or music
There is a pause after Dig Dug gets into his starting position and before the monsters appear
There are no fruits/veggies
At the bottom of the tunnel Dig Dug starts facing left but immediately switches to facing right when the game starts
Dig Dug starts with 4 lives instead of 2
The score always shows all eight digits even when they're 0
The Pookas are a lighter orange
Dig Dug's shovel is a slightly lighter shade of pink/orange
There are fewer enemies in the prototype's level 16 than in the final version
The screen is slightly taller with more sky showing
There is a small piece of dirt missing form the border in the lower right corner
The enemy movement animations are different.  Fygar doesn't have his mouth open/close animation and Pooka hangs in the air for a few frames when he jumps.  Pooka also occasionally has his eyes and feet going in two different directions which doesn't happen in the final
Fygar does not open his mouth when breathing fire
Dig Dug can 'dig' through Fygar's fire breath
There is no collision detection except between Dig Dug and the rock
You cannot use your pump
When Dig Dug dies a Player One Ready screen is shown in the final the screen goes blank for a few seconds and the everything is put back into starting position
Dig Dug does not shrink and blink out of existence when he dies after being crushed
There is no way to complete a level or get a game over


No title screen, the action starts here


Well this is interesting...


Weird 'Get Ready' screen

You can dig through fire!

With no collision detection you can do fun things like this


Dig Dug can still be killed by rocks though



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