James Bond ?-??-84

This is a mid-level WIP version of James Bond 007.  While the gameplay is mostly the same, the graphics are completely different.  One can see how each of the scenarios was evolving and how the enemy types were being tweaked.  While the game is fully playable at this stage, there is no ending. 

One interesting thing to note is that the order of the scenarios is different than in the final version.  In this prototype it starts with Moonraker, then For Your Eyes Only, followed by The Spy Who Loved Me, and finally Diamonds Are Forever.  The problem is that the difficulty for each level is still pretty much the same as it is in the final version meaning you start off with the second most difficult scenario then go to the most difficult one.  This makes this prototype much harder than the final version.


Prototype Differences
General Differences
The title screen is different and looks more like the level start screen
You can select the a difficulty of 001, 003, 005, or 007.  In the final you can select only Novice or Agent.
You can select the starting scenario with the 0 key.  This changes the difficulty to 0xx, 1xx, 2xx, or 3xx.  This is also shown at the end of each scenario on the victory screen.
On the final victory screen the difficulty is shown as 4xx.  After which the game resets.
The intro to each level is different.  James doesn't 'get into' his car, and it doesn't shrink and drive off.  Instead a shrunken version of the car drives past him while he stands there.
The scenario name isn't displayed at the start
The vehicle graphics are different and there are no car graphics
The bomb graphics are different and are simple squares instead of a V shape
The star pattern in the night sections is different and spells out BOND at one point
The sound effects are different in some areas
The level order is different and goes: Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Diamonds are Forever, and The Spy Who Loved Me.  The difficulty of each level is similar to that of the released version however.
There is no rank given at the end, the game simply resets
The graphics for each level are completely different

The mini subs release mines which float to the surface when you approach
The mine graphics are different
The space shuttles don't kill you if you're above the water when they explode
The satellites look different
The satellites move must faster

For Your Eyes Only
The helicopter graphics are different
The communications equipment on the shipwreck is always visible
There are no mines
The frogman graphics are different

Diamonds are Forever
There are no car graphics for your vehicle, instead it appears as a boat the skims across the ground
The diamonds look different
The craters made by the satellites don't have an outline like the regular craters
The shockwaves made by the satellite bombs are black instead of white which makes them blend into the night background
The ring on the oil rig is always visible

The Spy Who Loved Me
There are satellites that drop mines
The missiles that fly up from the floor don't turn into mushroom mines
The tankers look different and don't launch helicopters


James is looking a little different there


Is James a giant or is that a tiny car?


The stars are trying to tell me something...


That helicopter looks like it escaped from Super Cobra


Frogmen looking a little different

There are no car graphics so you just skim the ground

Diamonds and craters looking different


Black shockwaves are only visible in the water


These satellites aren't supposed to be on this level

Oil tanker looks different


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