Joust 6-12-83

This prototype is fairly close to the final version but still has some small differences.  Most notably the reserve lives icons face right instead of left like they do in the final.  The player can also move right away when re-materializing after dying.  These two changes were actually in the Atari 400/800 port which may mean that that port is actually based on a late prototype instead of the final 5200 version.  This version is also missing the Williams copyright on the title screen.  There is also a small bug in this version that causes the player to constantly move to the right if the player pushes left.  If the player pushes right first the bug will not trigger.  The game will eventually stop constantly moving the player right after inputting a few more movements.

Prototype Differences
The Williams copyright on the title screen is missing

The reserve lives icons face right instead of left

The player can move as soon as they start re-materializing after dying.  In the final version the player has to push the fie button to cut the animation short.
There is a bug which causes to player to constantly move right if they push left at the start of the game.  The bug will eventually correct itself with enough movement.


Note the missing Williams copyright


The life counters face the other way


Two player mode!

Survival of the fittest (3000 points!)


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