Jr. Pac-Man 1-24-84



This is a late WIP version of Jr. Pac-Man.  The game is fully playable, but still needs some tweaking and tuning.  This version still has the infamous power pellet bug where if a prize destroys a power pellet and Jr. dies at the same time the power pellet glitches and cannot be eaten.  Interestingly this prototype uses some sounds from Ms. Pac-Man as placeholders, but also features new sounds which are still different from the final version. 

This version also features a Teddy Bear level which was removed from the final version.  The Teddy Bear basically acts as an introductory level where everything moves slower and Jr. is actually faster than the ghost monsters.  After clearing this level the player is taken to the first regular level (Tricycle).

This particular prototype has a GCC blue lab label which is very rare.

Prototype Differences
The option to select the number of ghost monsters is missing.
There is a Teddy Bear (beginner) level that can be selected.  The Teddy Bear is worth 50 points.
One or two players is selected directly with the # key instead of being combined with selecting the number of ghost monsters.
The Y in PLAYER and the V in LEVEL are filled in more.
The PLAYER and LEVEL text are spaced further apart vertically.
Almost all the sounds are different and not as polished.
Some sounds (power pellet, ghost eaten, eyes returning, and death) are taken directly from the 5200 port of Ms. Pac-Man.
There is a major bug where if the player dies while the prize is destroying the power pellet it will stay on the screen but can't be eaten.  This effectively soft locks the game as the level cannot be cleared.
The game doesn't automatically go back to the title screen at the end of the game.
The ghost monster AI is tougher.  It was toned down a bit for the final release.
A rare glitch can occur where a ghost monster gets trapped under the maze in the status bar area.  This can happen after the power pellet bug is triggered, but it's not sure how.


It's Miller time!


Teddy is kind of creepy looking


There's the glitched power pellet


And there's the ghost monster in the status area



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