Meebzork 11-16-83



This is the later action/adventure version that is available on the 5200 multi-cart.  Sadly this prototype is only about 70% complete and has alot of bugs which can make the game freeze up or glitch to the point of being unplayable.  However these bugs don't always occur so it is possible (with some patience) to play through most of the levels.

There's a debug mode in this version that allows the player to skip levels by pressing the 9 key.  This is the only way to pass the "Airworld" and "Lava Pit" levels, and to see the 3-D stairs screen.


Known Bugs/Issues

Game randomly crashes in various places (especially on the Game Over screen).
The music sometimes hangs on certain notes and can cut out entirely in certain places.
Your player can lose the ability to fire for no reason when the auto-fire option is turned on.
Occasionally the demon crab's shot will get stuck in on the screen (it's still deadly however)
The Hedge Maze stage doesn't appear right away, and your character walks through an empty screen for a few seconds.
The key occasionally doesn't appear on the river stage
Occasionally the key cannot be picked up
The collision detection with the player and the river isn't quite right
The bridge will sometimes briefly appear before the player grabs the key
The Airworld stage is nearly impossible to beat without abusing emulator save states
The blocks on the Airworld stage sometimes turn into thin slivers.
Various graphic glitches occur throughout the game.
If your energy goes above 5,000 glitches will occasionally start appearing in the score
The Lava Pit level is impossible to beat.  You can get to the last pillar but there's nothing to do.



This Gorgon level was lifted directly from the earlier version


Non-centering joysticks suck!


The key!


Watch out for glowing stalactites


This level is insane!


Good luck getting to the end...


M.C. Escher eat your heart out!


Who turned out the lights?




Get used to seeing this screen a lot.



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