Millipede 1-4-84



This version is fully playable, but lacks some of the fine tuning of the final version.  Much of the extra eye candy is missing, and the whole game feels less polished.  The only major difference between this prototype and the 1-5 proto is that the RAM initialization sequence is different.  This was probably changed to fix a bug.


Prototype Differences
The title screen animation is missing
The title screen text is a darker blue
The title doesn't have the "dissolve in" effect
The copyright and number of players text is green
The text on the "starting stage" screen is centered in the upper left corner instead of the middle of the screen
Starting stage screen text says "Press Fire to Start" instead of "Then Press Fire"
The "Bonus At" text is displayed at the bottom of the stage select screen.
When the reset button is pressed, the word "reset" is not displayed at the bottom of the screen.
The Inch Worm is thinner and less detailed
The points for Spiders and the bonus stage bugs are not displayed on screen when they're shot.
The Inch Worm slow down effect lasts longer, and the tune is longer (it actually plays the whole tune)
The Earwig is less detailed and moves faster
The DDT cloud is less detailed (missing the border)
The high score display always shows six places even when the score doesn't need them.  
Poisoned mushrooms always turn white.
The RAM initialization routine is different.  The order of the instructions has been changed.



No cute animation here


Yikes!  Check the formatting people!


That inchworm almost looks like a...


No DDT border


Having six digits in the high score looks bad


The earwig looks a bit different



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