Moon Patrol 9-14-83


This is an interesting mid-level work in progress version of Moon Patrol.  Not only are the colors very different from the final version, but the graphics are different as well.  The enemy placement also seems to be a bit different from the final version.  This prototype is very similar to the 9-19-83 prototype the buggy is blue instead of red on the beginner course (as it is in the arcade game), it is unknown why this was changed between this prototype in the 9-19 prototype.  This version is also missing the bug that always makes the bottom warning indicator light stay on.

Prototype Differences

Your buggy is completely different looking

The color of the title screen is slightly different.  The blue is darker and the text is all the same light blue color.  The final version has a light green for the Player and Course text
The buggy is a dark blue on the Beginner Course and a lighter blue on the Championship Course.  The lighter blue is the same blue used in the 9-19 proto.
The mountain background colors are different.  The top layer has blue mountains with orange highlights and the second layer is green.  The final has a darker blue for the mountains with light blue highlights while the second layer is light brown
The rocks and ground are a lighter brown
The HUD display colors are different.  The light blue text tends to blend in with the darker blue background.  The progress bar is light blue with red dividers and the extra life icon is also red. The final has a lighter blue/purple color for the text and the progress bar is green with orange/brown dividers.  The extra life counter is also orange/brown.
The flying enemy graphics have different colors.  The UFOs are light tan instead of brown
Enemy bombs are red instead of yellow
The flying saucer graphics are completely different
The tanks are green
The missile (from the Championship Course) has red flames instead of yellow.
A bug exists where if you shoot when the missile first appears behind you it will disappear.  If you continually shoot it will never appear.  This is easiest to see in section B.
The bomber UFO does not glow
The city background is different looking with an odd black outline
Your bullet explosions are black and do not glow
The course letters do not glow
Sometimes your shots go through enemies
The continue feature is slightly different.  Instead of just pressing the number 2 to continue there is a counter that counts down and the player must press start before it reaches 0.
The enemy placement is different
The warning indicator lights are red


Your buggy is a very dark blue instead of a blueish purple


Everything is a bit different looking


The city background looks different as well


There's a timer that counts down for the continue


The buggy on the championship course is a lighter blue instead of red


Note the red flame on the missile



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