Moon Patrol 9-19-83


This is an interesting late level work in progress version of Moon Patrol.  Not only are the colors very different from the final version, but the graphics are different as well.  The enemy placement also seems to be a bit different from the final version.

Prototype Differences

Many of the colors are different

   -The color of the title screen is slightly different
  - The mountain background colors are different (and quite ugly)
  - The rocks and ground are a lighter brown
  - The HUD display colors are different
  - The tanks are green
Some of the graphics are different as well
  - The buggy graphics are different
   - The city background is different looking with an odd black outline
   - The flying saucer graphics are completely different
The buggy is red on the Beginner Course and blue on the Championship Course.  This is reversed in the final version
Your shots do not glow when they explode.
The course letters do not glow
Sometimes your shots go through enemies
The continue feature is slightly different.  Instead of just pressing the number 2 to continue there is a counter that counts down and the player must press start before it reaches 0.
The enemy placement is different




The title screen colors are darker


Your buggy is actually uglier than in the final!


Different bomber graphics


As well as UFO graphics


The city background is odd looking


Tanks blend in with the background now



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