Pengo ?-??-83


This is a very early WIP version of Pengo.  While an actual prototype for this version has not yet been found (if it was ever burned onto EPROMs), it was featured in the Atari In-House Promo 2nd Quarter 1983 video which was made to show other Atari employees what everyone was working out at the time.   This version has many differences from the final.

The first and most interesting difference are in the status bars at the top and bottom of the screen.  The WIP version has light gray status bars instead of black and P E N G O written on the top.  Underneath the game name appear to be three sets of game variables written in hex (most likely coordinates) and then a rom of flag icons (although flipped from the final version of the game) used as a border.  The bottom status bar has a row of flags then the number of players and the game level listed.  The lives, eggs, and level counters are all missing as is the score.

Pengo himself looks a little different but is fairly close to his final form and appears to be missing the whites around his eyes.  The ice blocks have dark highlights instead of white (although this could be due to the poor quality of the video), and it appears that the diamond blocks haven't been implemented yet.  The Snobees and their eggs are also absent.  Pengo appears to just be able to move around and push ice blocks in this version.


Looking quite a bit different


No Snobees to be seen


Pengo may not have pupils yet, it's hard to say


The final version for comparison



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