Pole Position 1-5-83


This is a very early work in progress version of Pole Position.  It appears that this prototype was a movement demo made to show to people what the final game would look like.  The 005-01 on the label means it was made on 5th day of the year (January 5th).


Prototype Differences

The Copyright is 1982.
The game starts automatically after the start-up screen.
The game doesn't start at the starting line, you start already moving.
There is no sound.
The roadway is blue instead of black
The red in the red and white stripes on the side of the road is a darker red.
The left/right turning animation is reversed. Pushing left will move the car left, but the animation is that of the car turning right. The same thing happens when you push right.
No physics are implemented. The grass doesn't slow you down, and there is no inertia.
There are no road signs
The speed displayed on the screen is a random number determined at the start of the game.
There are no brakes.
You cannot changes gears because they haven't been implemented
There is no gear indicator in the display
The game will play itself if you don't touch it.
After completing a lap, "Extended Play" will appear but won't add any additional time.
The game ends when you run out of time, then resets.
There are no other cars.
You cannot select any other tracks (they don't exist).
The mountain in the background is different
The background scrolls a bit smoother
The speed displays MPH next to it because there's room due to the missing gear indicator
The score constantly increases by increments of 10 instead of in steps of 50
The Lap and Time indicator are centered above the the Speed indicator instead of being left justified
The time is closer to the Lap indicator because the actual lap number is missing



Copyright 1982!


Notice how when you push left the car points the wrong way.


Same thing happens when you push right


The grass doesn't seem to slow you down


The speed is completely random


It may say extended play, but it doesn't do anything



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