Road Runner ?-??-83


This is an early WIP version of Road Runner.  While an actual prototype for this version has not yet been found (if it was ever burned onto EPROMs), it was featured in the Atari In-House Promo 2nd Quarter 1983 video which was made to show other Atari employees what everyone was working out at the time.   The biggest differences seem to be that the score for the Road Runner is hard coded to 100,000 while Wiley's score is set to 00.  In the later versions both scores start at 0 and always show all six 0's.  The prototype is also missing the arrow, the high score display, and the bird seed (lives) counter. 

Other differences include a missing tunnel in second mountain on the top of the screen, missing tunnels on the sides of the screen, and the bird seed looking different.  The video mentions that the goal of the game is to get Road Runner to run into your traps, so maybe those dots aren't meant to be birdseed in this early version?



Looks very similar to the later prototype


No high score though


Notice the missing tunnels?


Here is the later version for comparision



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