RealSports Baseball 2-11-83


This is a mid-level work in progress.  There are still several bugs that need to be worked out, but the main gameplay is there (including the pitching styles).  Interestingly this prototype doesn't have the voice implemented even though earlier versions did.  This is because the original voice had to be removed due to licensing issues, and the replacement hadn't been developed yet.


Prototype Differences

There is no voice.
Title screen is much less detailed.   
There is no copyright bar under the title.
You cannot select the number of innings
You cannot turn the voice on and off.
There is no cheering between innings. The crowd only cheers when you cross home plate and very briefly when you get a home run.
There is a huge bug that causes the computer to get stuck in a corner after chasing the ball.
Occasionally the music will play at the wrong time and is messed up.
The game plays much slower.
There is no "Charge" tune
The AI isn't very good.
There is no "Press start to begin new game" message at the bottom of the title screen.
There is no green bar at the bottom of the title screen.
You cannot continue a paused game after hitting reset.
The hidden credits aren't colored and are formatted differently.



Title screen is still missing alot of options.


And the red team takes the field


If a batter strikes out and the prototype is incomplete, does it make a sound?


Just like the Detroit Tigers!



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