RealSports Tennis 11-19-82


This is a rather interesting version of RS Tennis as it has a different name.  It appears that Atari was toying around with calling the game The Atari Open rather than RealSports Tennis.  Atari also considered getting the endorsement of celebrity tennis player Vic Braden at one point in development, but those plans never materialized.  Other than the different name on the splash screen, the game is pretty much the same.  There are a few minor differences however.

According to the programmer, he had to dumb down the AI a bit to squeeze all the code into 16K for the finished version.  This version may contain his better AI code (we're still looking into it). 

Prototype Differences

The splash screen says The Atari Open
There is no player name entry and nothing is displayed next to the score
The hidden four player 'Sean Special' mode is not present
The computer AI may play a bit better


Different name, same game

Getting ready to serve


Notice there is nothing next to the scores


Mixed doubles



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