Spitfire 10-13-83


This is an early to mid level WIP version of Spitfire.  It's much further along than the early 12/5/82 proto, but is still missing some of the refinements of the 11/3/83.  One of the more interesting differences in this version is that looking at the debug mode doesn't corrupt the status bar.  This version is very buggy and is prone to crashing.


Prototype Differences

The One/Two Player/Game Over 3D text is different looking and is placed higher up on the screen
The One/Two Player/Game Over text doesn't have the 3D movement towards the screen yet
The Select Level screen is missing the 3D text
There is no 'Select Enemy Target' screen
The map screen has a lighter shade of green for the background and the grid is a light blue instead of orange
Selecting a target on the Map screen turns it red instead of pink
The map screen repeats the last row on the bottom of the screen
The map screen has an extra half row on the bottom
The level number isn't displayed at the top of the map screen
There is no target information display at the bottom of the Map screen
The debug mode doesn't corrupt the status display



Different looking 3D text


No 3D text...


Look ma! No corruption!


The rest of game plays similar to the later version


The Player One screen text is different looking

As is the Game Over text


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