Spitfire 12-5-82


This is an early version of Spitfire, and is missing many of the neat 3D text effects of the later version.  This version is also missing the debug mode and many of status bar gauges.  It appears that Joe did this version shortly after working on Star Raiders but had to set it aside for several months to work on other projects.


Prototype Differences

The game starts at the level select screen instead of the 'Player On' screen
The 3D text is missing from all screens.
There is no 'Player One' screen
There is no 'Select Enemy Target' screen
There is no  'Player One' screen when you die
There is no 'Game Over' screen when you lose all your lives.  The game just sits there but you can still fire shots from your now invisible ship.
There are four levels (0-3) instead of three (0-2)
The map screen has a lighter shade of green for the background and the grid is a light blue instead of orange
Selecting a target on the Map screen turns it red instead of pink
The map screen repeats the top two rows at the bottom of the screen
The map has an extra half row at the bottom which is repeated at the bottom of the screen
There is no target information display at the bottom of the map screen
The level number isn't displayed at the top of the map screen
There are no sound effects except for some background noise
There are no enemy unit counters on the status bar
There are no Auto or Manual steering modes
There is no debug mode
There are no life counters
Your ship is invincible
Your shots look different
Your shots always explode even if they don't hit anything
Once you've destroyed the enemy unit you're stuck as the game doesn't go back to the map screen
It is much harder to hit enemy units
You can move your ship down into the status bar
The status bar and gauges are different colors



No cool 3D text


The map is off center


Notice the missing enemy counters!


Oops!  Little glitch here...



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