Stargate 1-13-84



This is the version is fully playable, but has some different options on the title screen.  Even though this prototype is dates over a week later than the 1-5 proto, it is actually believed to be earlier than the 1-5 prototype due to the missing copyright and high score on the bottom of the title screen and the fact that the splash screen says 1983 instead of 1984.  The date on the label could simply be the date the prototype was created rather than the code date.


The splash screen says copyright 1983
The high score is missing from the bottom of the title screen
There is no demo
The title screen has some extra options that are missing from the 1-5 prototype.  These extra options aren't actually selectable but rather are changed by changing the Master Difficulty Control.  These variables are present in the 1-5 prototype but simply aren't shown.
  • Initial Difficulty
  • Maximum Difficulty
  • Diff Acceleration Rate



Copyright 1983!


A few more options

The gameplay is about the same as the 1-5 proto


Looking good!



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