Super Pac-Man 1-26-84



This version is fully playable, but has a rare bug that occasionally prevents keys from opening doors.  Another bug is in the way this version handles the bonus timer.  In this version the bonus item appears after a set amount of time rather than after half the board has been cleared.  It's also worth noting that in this version is that one of the ghost monsters is purple instead of pink.  This was changed in later versions to make it more arcade accurate.


There is a rare bug that occasionally causes some of the doors not to open after eating all the keys.
One of the ghost monsters is purple instead of pink
The bonus timer is handled incorrectly.  Instead of being based on how many items you've eaten it starts after a certain amount of time has passed
The scrolling instructions on the title screen are missing
The easter egg is missing
The copyright font and color are different.  In this prototype the copyright is red and uses the same custom font as the rest of the title screen.  The prototype also includes an actual copyright symbol.   In the final the text is blue and uses the standard Atari font (the copyright symbol is actually just a C inside two parenthesis).  This was done to save space as there was no room to add all the necessary characters for the easter egg message to the custom font.


Notice the bonus has started even though I've only eaten two keys?


Note the purple ghost monster


Different copyright font and color


Here's the final for comparison



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