Super Pac-Man ?-??-84


This is the final version of Super Pac-Man.  The only differences between this version and the version dated March 15th is the addition of instructions that scroll across the bottom of the title screen, and a hidden easter egg.

This version was compiled from code found on a Vax mainframe tape.  The easter egg had to be enabled at the time of compilation in order to be triggered.  In order to trigger the easter egg the player must complete a level and push * or # when the screen is flashing yellow to get back to the title screen (reset will not work).  If done correctly (the timing is tricky) the message "4 A Good Time JSR 91BD" will appear in the scrolling instructions area.  JSR means 'Jump to Subroutine' in assembly with 91BD being the address of the code being jumped to.  Originally Landon was going to have some code hidden at memory location 91BD to do a fancy screen trick, but ran out of time to implement it so this is all you'll get to see.


Notice the scrolling instructions


The Easter Egg


Why Pac-Man, what a big mouth you have...


White Castles!



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