Track and Field 4-18-84



This is a rather interesting version of Track and Field.  Although the game seems to be complete, many of the events are nearly unwinnable because of a bug in the way your player runs.  


Prototype Differences

The copyright on the title screen says Konami/Centuri 1983 instead of Konami 1983
There's a bug in the way your character runs.  In events where there is a computer opponent (such as the 100M Dash and Hurdles) your character won't be able to gain any appreciable speed until the computer opponent crosses the finish line.  This makes these events almost unwinnable.
Meters is abbreviated met instead of mtr
The qualifying time for the first event is 13sec50 instead of 13sec00
The world records for the first event are different (9s99 and 10s07 vs 9s59 and 9s67)
The game demo for some events are different.  The Hammer Throw demo appears to be exactly the same however
There appears to be a bug with the character graphics when running with two players on the screen.  Sometimes the sprites will separate briefly (hair and shirt will lag behind the arms, head, and legs).  This can happen in the final on occasion but it's usually very brief and not noticeable.



Notice how the copyright is Konami/Centuri


Good luck winning in this version


Notice how they got the wrong abbreviation for Meter (mtr not met)


Here's an interesting bug



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