Tumbleweeds ?-??-82



This is the only known copy of Tumbleweeds.  Note the writing on the label that calls this the Puffer Demo, and that is what is displayed on the splash screen as well.  The EPROM inside properly names the game Tumbleweeds however.  Unfortunately the label is correct and there are no controls implemented in this early demo, so the player can only watch as tumbleweeds quickly zig zag down the screen.  Internal memos mention that game was actually finished so a more complete version may still exist somewhere. 

Note the unusual board this prototype uses?  This prototype is only 8K so a smaller two socket production board was used instead of the larger four socket 5200 EPROM board.



The splash screen calls this Puffer Demo


Behold Tumbleweeds in all its glory!

Unfortunately this is all there is to the game


What are those little dots in the distance?



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