Vanguard 1-5-83


This version is playable, but is missing many sounds and graphical refinements.  This version also has a bug which causes the game to become confused if you die while fighting the last boss.


Prototype Differences
Start-Up Screen says Copyright 1982
You have infinite lives
You cannot choose your starting tunnel or zone
The game starts automatically with no options
Many of the colors are different.
There is no music
There are very few sounds
There are no zone names
The firing rate is very fast
Your ship is always moving forward
The game is harder. The ships fire more often and there are more of them. The game also moves faster.
The game has a bug where if you die on the last boss the game will start over at the first zone, but it will be void of enemies.  When you reach the second zone the enemies from the first zone will be there.  This causes the game many problems and it will eventually crash.



Tough but playable


Narrow little passages


Nasty colors


This entire area is tougher


There's the boss bug


Here's a screenshot of the game after the bug



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