Vanguard 2-1-83


This version is fairly complete but is missing a few sounds and needs a little polish.  Interestingly this prototype has a continue screen where as the final version didn't (although you could still continue by pushing '0').  The blue label is a rare GCC lab loaner label and was used internally at GCC.


Prototype Differences
Start-Up Screen says Copyright 1982
You cannot choose your starting tunnel or zone
The Fire Mode options are Normal and Repeat Fire instead of Single and Repeat Fire
Many of the colors are different.
There is no music except when you touch an energy tank
The music when you touch an energy tank is different.
There is no warning sound when the energy tank ends.
The only sounds are: Ship Fire, Ship Destruction, and the Fuel Pick-up Tune.
The Stripe Zone has more fuel tanks, and the "Mashers" only appear if you take the top path.
The death sequence for the final boss is much shorter (with no sound).
The game is harder. The ships fire more often and there are more of them. The game also moves faster.
A few seconds after the game over screen appears there is a continue screen.  Pushing Pause will continue the game (instead of pushing '0').



Copyright 1982!


Whoa!  Where did all my options go!


Nasty colors


Say what?


Different colors here too


No music here either!



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