Xevious 10-13-83


This is a early version of the game.  While most of the gameplay is intact, it appears that the programmers were still playing around with graphics and sounds.  This version also has a few small bugs that needed to be corrected.


Prototype Differences
There is no title screen
There are no game options
The players shots are very wide and glow
The colors are much lighter and washed out
The Mirror enemy is much smaller
The status bar says "Lives Left = 4" instead of "Player 1!  4 Solvalou Left"
The copyright message says 1984 instead of 1982
The status bar is gray instead of green
The ship is gray instead of blue and is shaped differently
The opening tune is different
The firing sound is different
The enemy death sound is different
The landscape and enemy placement is different
There is no pause feature
There is no reset feature
Andor Genesis looks slightly different and has four blast holes at the corners when destroyed
The Grobda Tanks look different
There is a slight pause before the start of each new life
This version contains Jara Spinners which were removed from the final version for unknown reasons.
No extra lives are awarded.


No title screen.


Mini Mirrors!


Nice wide shots


The famous phoenix


Look it's an airport


Jara Spinners!


Those Logram Sphere Networks are deadly


Those little squares are tanks...



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