Hat Trick 1-20-88



This is the final version.  For some reason this prototype isn't encrypted (notice the Not Enc. message on the label), so it won't play in an unmodified 7800.  There is a hidden message in the rom code that says

Hatrick, The Atari 7800 Version, By Jack SandBerg, Sr. Software Engineer, IEE 8107096, ibid inc., Manchester, Conn. 01/07/88 --- Security String Do Not Remove"
Notice how the location of ibid changed from West Hartford to Manchester.  Also take note of the completion date (1/7/88).  Why it took 2 extra weeks to get the game to Atari is anybodys guess.


One on One hockey action!


Wow!  A whole 2 FPS!


He shoots!  He... aww who cares?


Sadly the Zamboni is the best part of the game



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