Hat Trick 5-1-87


These EPROMs are for a mid-level WIP version of Hat Trick.  While fully playable, this version contains a number of differences.  

There is a hidden message inside the rom that says:

Hatrick, The Atari 7800 vesion by Jack Sandberg, Sr. Software Engineer, ibid Inc., West Hartford, CT. Version 1.0 4/16/87" --- Security String Do Not Remove."
Why the internal date was not updated for this version is unknown.  Also note the misspelling of Hat Trick (Hatrick).  This message is present in the final version of the game, but was changed slightly.


Prototype Differences
Title screen says (c)1987 Atari.  Implementation for Atari by iBid Inc.  There is no mention of Bally Sente.

The 'game start' tune plays as soon as the title screen appears.  You only have a few seconds to select your options.

There are very few sound effects implemented.  Only the sound of the puck being picked up, puck being shot, and a goal being scored are present.  
The few sound effects that are implemented are very different.  Most consist of a nasty low pitched buzzer sound.
There is no music implemented.  The 'charge' tune and whistles are also absent.
The puck is much smaller.
The game periods last 3:00 minutes instead of 2:00
The computer AI isn't very good.  The computer will usually just skate around with the puck and not shoot at the goal.
The puck physics are very erratic. Sometimes when shooting the puck it will only go a few inches, yet other times it will rocket off your stick.
The center circle is a darker yellow.
The Zamboni at the end of the game doesn't 'clean' the ice (there is no change in color).


Different copyright message...


Same crappy game


Notice how small the puck is?


Looks like the Zamboni isn't doing its job...



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