Missing In Action ?-??-89


Here it is, the one and only Missing In Action prototype!  Note the large daughter board attached to the normal 7800 prototype board.  This design was much more common with Atari 8-bit prototypes, and rarely seen with 7800 prototypes.

This particular version of MIA appears to be about 85% complete and is fully playable although it cannot be beaten without using the level select due to two buggy levels.  There are a few bugs with the collision that still need to be cleaned up, and ammo and food power ups do not appear to be working in this version.  It is unknown if any further work was done on MIA, but it is highly unlikely.

Special thanks to Mitch for allowing me access to this prototype.


By land or by sea...


Beware the deadly exhaust vents!


Hello Mr. Toasty!


I didn't know Detroit was in Vietnam


Even bullets can't stop Chuck Norris!


What would Nancy Reagan do?



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