Midnight Mutants ?-??-90


This prototype appears to be slightly different from the final version.  The difficulty level appears to be higher than the released version, making an already difficult game nearly impossible.  For instance ravens will begin attacking Jimmy immediately on the first screen, and the zombies do much more damage.

Hidden in the game code are the programming credits which aren't displayed anywhere else.  Also hidden in the code is a Grandpa message saying "It's a wonder Peter ever got this program debugged" (Peter being programmer Peter Adams).  This message does not appear to be displayed in the game itself, however it may be some kind of hidden easter egg.


Sure you will...


Well I'll be, I guess he was right.


Get that creepy pumpkin zombie away from me!


You won't be able to get that heart until late in the game.


Take a knife to the back of the head you damn zombie!


Game over man!  Game over!



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