Rescue on Fractalus ?-??-84


Here it is folks!  This is the only 7800 Rescue on Fractalus prototype in existence.  This prototype came directly from ex-GCC employees themselves, who graciously allowed it to be dumped so the whole classic gaming community could enjoy.  The Rescue on Fractalus prototype is unique as it is the only 7800 game to make use of a special 2K RAM chip.  Unfortunately this extra RAM is not handled properly by current emulators so it causes lines to appear across the screen (the actual prototype does not do this).  Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the future.

Special thanks to Curt Vendel at The Atari Museum for discovering and dumping this prototype.




Perhaps the programmers were trying to tell us something?


Beautiful fractal geometry!


A little inter-company rivalry going on?


7800 Version


5200 Version



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